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XConsult provides an independent and dedicated service focused on resolving problems by:

  • correctly identifying the material exchange control issues;
  • evaluating the appropriateness of bank exchange control advice;
  • offering other alternatives and practical solutions;
  • having a substantial case-history to draw on;
  • being able to contact the correct bank staff;
  • taking both historical and likely future issues into account;
  • preparing high-quality representations to your bankers and the Financial Surveillance Department of the SA Reserve Bank.;
  • liaising with the correct bank personnel to ensure efficiency;
  • ensuring that you understand the conditions applicable to your approvals; and
  • questioning decisions made by Financial Surveillance Department where these appear inconsistent or unfair.


George Michael cell: +27 (0)84 207 1991 george@xconsult.co.za
  Reg Mc Cluskey cell: +27 (0)83 259 4646 reg@xconsult.co.za